The development of Chungli Junior High sports class starts from the basketball team and Athletic team, and PE teachers who trained the students and accompanied them during their leisure time.With the warm- hearted teachers and the passion about PE of students,which became the stepping stone of Chungli sports class. After that, the PE teachers with different professions start to train students and put them into diverse clubs, which are Taekwando and badminton clubs. The numbers of the Athletic members are becoming stable.In 2012, Education Bureau agreed Chungli Junior High School to have the sports class, which was the new era about the sports clubs crossing the field into another course.

Not only the athletes from sports class but also some ordinary class students are active in joining different PE competions, such as winning the champion of Karate competion from the National Middle school Athletic Game, the group champion of racing rollerskating in the public skating rink, the gold medal winner of national shooting game and even the set-up of the biking group. According to those reasons, the school sports class chose to develop the following four proficiencies,such as athletics, badminton,shooting and biking professions and the clubs below, which are Taekwando, racing rollerskating, basketball, korf ball,bowling, athletic darts, swimming and Karate.Students will practice them duing their break time which encourages the atmosphere of campus sports.

Besides academic learning, multiple learning includes many parts of fields, students can learn through art, Intergrative activities, performance, and PE subjects synchronically, which develops the abilities of interperson,attitudes of dealing with things, individual thinking and problem solving.Joining the sports team could increase the strenth, sharpen the minds,enlarge the interpersonal relationbships and broaden their knowledge.Most importantly, the athletes can make friends while going to different cities, taking care of themselves independently, intergating themselves to the team and at the same time shaping their strong will, which is the hidden but precious value they can get.

Do you want to experience the joy of sports? Do you want to learn the self independence and intergrate the group well ? Do you want to join any sports games?

In addition to sports class, we would like to invite other ordinary class students to attend the sports clubs happily.