Chung-Li Junior High School was erected on April 30 in 1934, and it was named Hsinchu State Chungli Village Junior High School in the beginning, but it was renamed as Hsinchu State Chungli Agricultural Vocational School in 1943.

In 1945, Taiwan was recovered and was taken over by the Old Hsinchu State Takeover Committee. In November, Li Shuiwen was appointed as the principal, and was renamed "Hsinchu County Chungli Junior Agricultural Vocational School." The scale of additional school buildings and equipment was gradually enlarged. In 1950, the rezoning of the county, it was renamed "Taoyuan County Chungli Junior Agricultural Vocational School". It was formally established in August of 1951 and renamed "Taoyuan County Chungli Agricultural Vocational School".

In July of 1968, in order to cope with the government's implementation of the nine-year national education and the difficulty of enrolling students in agricultural schools, the school was ordered to restructure into the "Taoyuan Municipal Chungli Junior High School" and recruit 13 classes of primary school graduates in Chungli City. Agricultural Vocational Schools stopped recruiting new students, and added an intermediate supplementary school in September of 1973, enrolling four classes.

The history of school is 70 years since its establishment and the school has nurtured many young people and did contributions to the society. Although the area is small, the previous principals uphold the decrees and run the school earnestly . Especially since the Administration of Education started the program of national education,the previous principals such as, Mr. Cai Jingzhou, Mr. Zhang Shenghuang, Mr. Zheng Shilu, Mr. Jiang Demao, Mr. Yang Ruitong, Ms. Lai Yuhui, Mr. Luo Xinyan and Mr. Chen Gao Wei have dedicated their time to lead the school successively , the school’s reputation is growing day by day. After the current principal Jiang Shu Ron took over in August of 109, he upheld the school’s 4 visions of management "innovation, adaptation, responsibility and warmth" , expecting teachers and students to create the school love vision together.